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The All-New Mazda CX-3

Freestyle Crossover

The All-New Mazda CX-3


We built this brand-new product, the CX-3, upon a strong foundation formed by KODO design, SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, our cutting-edge human machine-interface (HMI) technologies, Mazda Proactive Safety, and other aspects of our new generation products. We carried forward and evolved that foundation as we pursued fresh, stereotype-free ways to heighten the values the CX-3 would offer to its users. The development process involved many challenges that were new for Mazda. In years to come, we will likely look back at the CX-3 as a turning point. Plus, we'll be able to take pride in knowing that the CX-3 is a model with which we set a benchmark for a new era.


One of the CX-3's key values is design that stimulates our progressive-minded target customer's sense of priorities and aesthetics and, because it's based on ideas that are not bound by existing forms and hierarchies, enables our target customers to express their individual lifestyles and personalities. We recognized at the outset that the design needed to embody freshness and beauty that would exceed our target customer's expectations. So we looked beyond the existing concepts for body types (for instance, the hatchback and the SUV) and pursued stylish, progressive new possibilities for the KODO design language.

Uncompromising pursuit of ideal proportions and evolution of KODO design

  • Striking proportions and a strong stance
    The CX-3’s exterior design is an exceptionally stylish expression of the KODO design language that expresses the individual character of each new generation Mazda product.

  • Newly evolved KODO design
    With the exterior styling, we evolved the lively, dynamic expressions of movement that form the DNA of KODO design we created sharper, more speed-suggestive forms to evoke the movement of a strong-minded animal.

  • Key attributes of exterior styling
    The CX-3 has a bold, new face that matches the car’s stylish proportions and strongly communicates the Mazda brand identity.

Radical details that satisfy the owner’s high expectations

  • Sharp, speed-suggestive, original exterior details
    Like the forms of the body, the exterior design details all have exquisitely sharp looks that suggest speed and sophistication.

LED Lamps

The CX-3's headlamps, fog lamps, and rear combination lamps have LEDs for a heightened impression of cutting-edge design. Slim, sharp headlamp units evoke the eyes of a wild animal watching faraway prey. To achieve their shape, we located the turn-signal lamps together with fog lamps in combination lamp units near the bottom of the front face rather than inside the headlamp units.

Powered Sunroof


The 18-inch aluminium wheels have thick, three-dimensionally contoured spokes with lively looking twists. The shine of machined outer surfaces helps to realize a distinctive look by creating a sharp contrast with the gunmetal-grey metallic paint.

Side Garnishes

A design in which the top edge of each side garnish rises toward the middle of the rear door and descends toward the rear wheel arch complements the body's overall look of motion.


With the CX-3, we built upon the shared basic dimensions to create a radically new interior design that expresses a unique character and echoes the original exterior design in ways that befit a new genre. At the same time, we incorporated elements that give a sense of handcrafted quality. The interior design consists, like the exterior design, of simple forms that evoke motion and speed. We combined those forms to create a look of continuity.


MZD Connect

The MZD-CONNECT car connectivity system (known as MAZDA CONNECT in some markets) is a vital tool for enabling customers to stay connected to the world outside the CX-3 and enjoy their journeys in safety. A key aspect of this system is Mazda’s new-generation HMI design.

To minimize the extent to which drivers might lose concentration owing to various kinds of distraction (visual distraction; cognitive distraction; and distraction due to operations), we broadly divided the front seating area into two zones in accordance with the concept of a heads-up cockpit. One zone contains information and controls directly related to driving. The other contains information and controls related to communication and infotainment.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design

For display and operation systems, the new Mazda CX-3 adopts Mazda’s HMI based on its Heads-up Cockpit concept, which was first employed in the Mazda3. The Active Driving Display is positioned on top of the meter hood, a seven inches centre display is mounted on the dashboard, and the commander control is positioned atop the floor console.

The new meter cluster design features a round analogue meter in the centre, flanked on the left and right by a pair of wing-shaped digital displays. On the high-grade specification new Mazda CX-3, a tachometer with an integrated digital speedometer in it is placed in the centre. The other grades place a speedometer in the centre and a digital tachometer in the display wing on the left.

Surrounded by a metallic ring and featuring an elaborate three-dimensional dial face, the centre meter creates a sporty, high-quality design.

The commander control

The commander control on the centre console provides intuitive and accurate blind operation.

Head-up Display (HUD)

Introducing the Active Drive Display, the first head-up display in its class. The device projects real-time driving data into the driver’s forward field of view. Drivers can therefore see the vehicle’s speed, directions from the navigation system, or other data without even short glance away from the road.

Skyactiv-G Engines

High efficiency SKYACTIV-G direct-injection petrol engines are your passport to a world of driving that is both exciting and eco-friendly.


The High efficiency six-speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE brings you the best aspects of every type of transmission.


The SKYACTIV-CHASSIS delivers Mazda’s famous feeling of oneness between car and driver.


The SKYACTIV-BODY is engineered to achieve two conflicting aims: lighter weight with better safety performance and increased rigidity.


Mazda’s i-STOP idling stop system automatically shuts down the engine when you come to a complete halt after braking, saving the fuel wasted when stopping in traffic or at a traffic light junction.


Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS)

AFS promotes safer driving by allowing you to see further at intersections or around curves at night. Taking inputs from the steering angle and vehicle speed, AFS predicts the shape of the road and directs the headlamp’s beams in the direction of travel, illuminating the driving path.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) With Traction Control System (TCS)

DSC with TCS electronically controls braking force applied to each wheel to help prevent understeer or oversteer and maintain vehicle stability when cornering on slippery road conditions.

SRS Airbags

A full complement of 6 airbags – front, front seat side, curtain - provide another layer of protection against physical shock and injury in a collision.

Body Structure

The body provides world-class collision safety performance. Extensive use of ultra-high-tensile steel gives strength with low weight, while the framework absorbs and channels energy away from the cabin.


  • The All-New Mazda CX-3


    Engine & Transmission

    Skyactiv-G 2.0L

    In-line 4 Cylinder

    DOHC 16 Valve

    Compression Ratio - 13.0:1

    Maximum Output - 154hp

    Maximum Torque - 204Nm

    Fuel Injection - Direct Injection

    Fuel Tank Capacity - 48L

    Drive System - 2WD

    Transmission - 6-Speed AT

    Wheels & Suspension

    McPherson Struts/Torsion Beam

    Ventilated Disc/Solid Disc

    Wheels - 215/50 R18

    Safety Features


    Airbags - 6


    Length - 4,275mm

    Width - 1,765mm

    Height - 1,535mm

    Wheelbase - 2,570mm

    Kerb Weight - 1,211kg

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  • Soul Red
  • Ceramic Metallic
  • Crystal White Pearl
  • Deep Crystal Blue
  • Dynamic Blue Mica
  • Jet Black
  • Meteor Grey

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